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Company Profile

Markon constantly focus energy on changing needs and have designed and developed technological advancements in water jets for the spa bath (whirlpool) and shower jet markets. Our philosophy is to lead the world in design and development of new products for these markets through innovation, total quality management and supreme service levels.

Our Heritage

Kip Marks founded Markon in 1990 with the first products made for the New Zealand market. Today, we supply leading players in the local and world markets, exporting product to Australia, Asia, USA, England and Europe. We have steadily grown to now become recognised and respected throughout the world as a leader within the industry for both product design and innovation.

Our Business

We specialise in the design and manufacture of components for the spa bath (whirlpool) and shower manufacturing industries. We are committed to designing and developing high quality products and incorporate an extensive research and development strategy to keep us at the forefront of the industry. We constantly monitor trends and markets to offer new and exciting products.

Our strength is our ability to control the total process of design, development and manufacture which allows us to maintain the highest product standards.

Our Range

We offer a modular product range for spa baths (whirlpools) and shower jets and can design and develop customised products to suit individual customer needs. A feature of all our products is the flexibility created by our modular design. This is shown in the unique way we have illustrated our product range in this catalogue. We offer all our products in a range of colours or can customise a colour for individual requirements.

Spa bath (whirlpool) products include, jets, bodies, air controls, air buttons, suctions, diverter valves, flow control valves, air injectors, manifolds and accessories.

Shower products include a range of shower jets and a body shower system.

Our Quality

Our specialised manufacturing company, ElectroPlas, manufactures all our products. ElectroPlas use the latest moulding technology and operate the most advanced electroplating plant in the Southern Hemisphere.

Our stringent in-house quality control procedures are implemented continuously throughout our design and manufacturing process. All products undergo extensive trials and quality tests before we make them available for sale.

Our Approach

We view business as a relationship rather than a transaction. We invest time and money understanding our customers and their long-term business strategies. We listen to our customers and work to provide products they require. We are committed to supplying product of the highest quality and focus on providing the very best in customer service.

Constant Improvement

We operate on the theory that “there is always a better way” and therefore our designs will change as a result of research and customer feedback.