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What is Aquasage?

AquaSage is a body massage shower with five jets. It can be easily retrofitted to an existing shower system or used in new shower installations. AquaSage connects to overhead showers, slide showers or can be used as a stand-alone body massage shower.

Convert your existing shower with ease...

  • Fits all shower systems.

Spray jets - give you a concentrated body spray

MarkoJetsTM - specialised jets that spiral water giving you a pulsating body massage

Aquasage as a stand alone massage shower.

Aquasage connected to a slide shower.

Aquasage connected to an overhead shower rose.

The unique features of AquaSage offer a range of showering options

Turn the diverter to select your shower option.

By turning the AquaSage diverter handle you can select a range of showering options. Turn the diverter handle to your right gives you your normal shower, turn it to the left gives you the AquaSage body jets and with sufficient water pressure, turn it to the middle gives you both.

Select body jets only.

Select shower only.

Select body jets and shower
(Mains water pressure required).

Features and Benefits
  • AquaSage fits new or existing showers.
  • Ideal for renovations and new bathrooms.
  • AquaSage can be easily connected to your existing shower utilising existing tapware and fittings.
  • Provides a simple and cost effective solution for upgrading a bathroom.
  • AquaSage’s patented MarkoJets spiral water giving you a pulsating body massage.
  • The pulsating sensation from these jets is therapeutic and relaxing.
  • AquaSage is compact in design.
  • Ideal for small and large bathrooms.
  • The AquaSage body jets cover your entire torso with the same water temperature.
  • You maintain body heat like in a bath, feeling refreshed and revitalised.
  • You can adjust the height of your AquaSage up or down and also control the direction of each jet.

  • The height adjustment makes AquaSage ideal for varying height or for people who have disabilities. You can also have a shower and keep your hair dry or position the jets on your upper or lower back to relieve aches and tension.
  • AquaSage uses approximately the same volume of water as a shower.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a true massage shower without the water consumption of traditional shower jet systems.
  • AquaSage can be installed in under thirty minutes and doesn’t require plumbing.
  • Simple DIY installation makes it a cost effective bathroom upgrade solution.
  • AquaSage is connected on the surface of the shower wall.
  • Save time and money with no plumbing required for installation.

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