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What are AquaSage parts made of?

The plastic components are injection molded and then chrome plated where appropriate. The jet housing is powder coated extruded aluminum and slides on chromed brass tubular tracking.

All the jet and water pipe components are made of non-scaling plastic which helps prevent lime scale buildup.

All screws supplied for installation are stainless steel.

Product Dimensions

Length:  970mm AquaSage Body (excludes flexible hose and diverter)
Width:   105mm
Depth:   90mm
Weight:  2.0 Kgs

How much water does AquaSage use?

AquaSage uses the same amount of water that you would use out of your shower rose. Basically the water supply is exactly the same feed as your shower rose, with the water split over 5 jets.

Flow Rates*:

High Cold / High Hot 7.6m head: 9-13 ltrs per min.
High Cold / Low Hot 3.7m head: 7-9 ltrs per min.

*Note: this volume may change due to differences in water pipe sizes and water pressures and mixer settings. These results are based on the mixer set at medium.

What water pressures will AquaSage work in?

AquaSage operates with most pressure systems with optimum performance from equal mains pressure. We have used a 11mm hose system through the unit allowing for adequate water supply. The jets will maintain the same water pressure that you experience with your normal shower.

Pressure Test Results:

Good with 3.7m hot / mains cold
Good with 7.6m valve vented
Excellent with mains hot and cold

AquaSage by Markon
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