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New Innovations...

Markon Pre-Seal System        

The "Pre-Seal" system is intended to reduce and ultimately eliminate the need for sealants used during product installation.

Pre-Seal is aimed at reducing manufacturing costs that OEMís face when plumbing a whirlpool or shower. Markonís design team has researched and developed a unique sealant application system. This patented system involves applying a consistent and measured sealant bead to the relevant flange during the manufacturing process. The factory controlled curing process ensures a quality seal on each and every product prior to packaging and delivery.

Pre-Seal is currently available on "above the water line" components including air buttons, air controls and all shower jets. In the near future the range will be extended, with the introduction of Pre-Seal to whirlpool jets and the Safe-Flo suction.

Products with Pre-Seal available are suffixed with the letter S in the part number.

Pre-Seal is a further example of Markonís commitment to the continued development of innovative products and systems that benefit the whirlpool and shower manufacturing industry.

Markon Enviro System                 

Markon has long recognised the perceived negativity associated with residue build-up in whirlpool plumbing systems. With the objective of reducing and even eliminating this residue, Markon has designed a range of self draining whirlpool components, which make up the Enviro System.

This range includes the EnviroJet and Safe-Flo suction.

The EnviroJet is a self-draining jet which drains all water from the pipe work and jet assembly and dramatically reduces the chance of bacterial growth in unsanitary bath residue. The design of this environmentally friendly jet produces a pipe work layout that induces a series of air bellís in the piping, which prevents water entering the piping when the bath is full unless the pump is switched on.

The Safe-Flo suction is designed to totally self drain. The low profile suction body has a 12 degree drain angle allowing water to drain fully from the suction pipe work.

PVD Coatings

Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coatings are extremely hard and abrasion resistant coatings guaranteed to last the life of a product. PVD coatings are available in a range of colours on request.