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Air Injectors                             N E W  P R O D U C T

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Available for baths and spa pools, these compact air injectors offer overall cost effective installation by minimising assembly labour, piping and supply fittings. With the fittings supplied with each injector it is possible to connect up to four injectors per airline, in comparison with more conventional systems where each injector has it’s own airline. ( e.g. when fitted with a six outlet air supply manifold, MS1326, it is possible to feed up to twenty four air injectors using the six 10mm NB airlines.) Assembly labour is minimised by the use of the glueless “quick-clip" fitting of the elbow or tee to the stem of the injector. Pre-Seal is an option on these products and all bath versions are fitted with non-return valves.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact, low profile cap.
  • Quick, cost effective installation with saving on pipe and fittings.
  • Pre-Seal optional.
  • Non-return valve fitted to bath injectors.
  • PVC components.
Size / Dimensions

Face diameter x height : Bath -
: Spa Pool -
24mm x 6mm
32mm x 7mm
Mounting hole size -   15mm

Air Injector - Bath
Air Injector - Bath
Air Injector - Spa Pool
Air Injector - Spa Pool

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