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Flow Control Valves

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Markon flow control valves have many unique features and benefits including the ability to handle water contaminated with sand and grit. Innovative design of the valve centre and the adjacent sealing faces on the body has produced a valve that will allow the free flow of contaminated water without affecting the operation of the valve. When flushed with clean water, any grit or dirt that may have entered the valve cavity is flushed away in seconds. The teardrop handle version comes complete with a flexible gasket to seal against the bath wall eliminating the need for further sealing.

Features & Benefits

  • High flow rates with minimum pressure loss.
  • Gasket seal on teardrop version.
  • Patented self-flushing design.
  • Low bypass rates.
  • Compact design allows for use in confined spaces.
  • Top access for servicing and lubrication.
  • Available in a range of handles.
  • Patented "Quick Fit" system for fast cost effective installation.
  • Available in ABS or PVC.
  • Available in metric or imperial.
  • Quiet operation.
Size / Dimensions

Available in 2 x 25mm NB pipe sockets or 2 x 32mm OD pipe sockets.

Cap diameter - Tear Drop
- Other caps
Mounting hole size -   32mm
Depth from rear of valve to front of bath wall - 65mm

Flow Control Valve with tear drop handle
Flow Control Valve with tear drop handle

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