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Hydro-Therapy Jets

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Markon Hydro-Therapy jets are small, stylish, low profile jets that can be clustered in a bath to offer a concentrated body massage. They are ergonomically optimized and are ideal for lumbar regions and tension zones.

Jet Face

Features & Benefits

  • Wide range of jet face styles.
  • Available in plain, eyeball or rotary versions.
  • Adjustable flow rates for air and water.
  • Fit all Hydro-Therapy bodies.
Size / Dimensions

Face diameter - 38mm
Nozzle bore - 5mm
Protrusion into bath - 9mm (standard)
6mm (low profile)

Jet Body

Features & Benefits

  • Choice of bodies - manifold fed or standard in-line.
  • Bodies fitted with non-return valve in airway.
  • Available in ABS or PVC.
  • Available in imperial or metric.
  • 10mm flexible airline feed.
  • Locator ring on flange for easy location during assembly.
Size / Dimensions

Mounting hole size -   28mm
Wall thickness range -   2-10mm
Protrusion from rear of bath wall : manifold fed -
: standard in-line -

Quick-Fit cartridge jet face for easy installation.
Quick-Fit cartridge jet face for easy installation.
Hydro-Therapy jet
Hydro-Therapy jet

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