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JumboJet                              N E W  P R O D U C T

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The Markon JumboJet is a large bore jet with both direction and flow intensity adjustable by movement of the eyeball stalk. Whilst currently available with a very low profile jet face and stalk, the design allows for a wide variation in profiles and sizes to suit individual manufacturers. Unlike most large bore jets, the JumboJet body has a very low profile behind the bath wall allowing it to be used in compact bath situations.

Jet Face

Features & Benefits

  • Compact, low profile jet face.
  • High aeration.
  • Large 10mm bore nozzle.
  • Full adjustment of water and airflow and adjustment of direction.
Size / Dimensions

Face diameter - 80mm
Water nozzle bore - 10mm
Protrusion into bath - 4mm

Jet Body

Features & Benefits

  • Non-return valve fitted to 10mm NB airline version.
  • Compact, low profile body, ideal for all baths.
  • Suitable for bath wall thicknesses 1-11mm
  • Available in ABS or PVC.
  • Available in metric or imperial.
Size / Dimensions

Protrusion from back of bath wall - 62mm to 72mm (dependant on bath wall thickness)
Mounting hole size - 65mm
Wall thicknesses range - 1-11mm

Pre-seal option available
JumboJet: Five scallop nozzle in 25mm NB water x 10mm NB airline.
JumboJet: Five scallop nozzle in
25mm NB water x 10mm NB airline.

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