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Sparkler JetTM                             N E W  P R O D U C T

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Markon Sparkler Jets offer a totally new concept in bathing, where the jets are no longer directed at the bather. Available EXCLUSIVELY from Markon, they are mounted on the wall of a bath directing gentle jets of water and small air bubbles down the wall and along the base of the bath where the bubbles rise against the body of the bather. These patented jets create “sparkling water" where effervescent bubbles delicately caress the bathers body.

The revolutionary system is powered by a water pump only, eliminating the blower and it’s associated noise.

Worldwide patents pendingJet Face

Features & Benefits

  • Compact, low profile jet face.
  • High aeration.
  • Available in different styles.
Size / Dimensions

Face width - 45mm
Water nozzle bore - 5mm
Protrusion into bath - 8-12mm

Jet Body

Features & Benefits

  • 20 degree drain angle.
  • Compact, low profile body, ideal for all baths.
  • Quick installation facilitated by power tools.
  • No air blower required.
  • Suitable for bath wall thicknesses 1-10mm
  • Available in PVC only.
  • Available in metric or imperial.
Size / Dimensions

Protrusion from back of bath wall - 53mm
Mounting hole size - 28mm
Wall thicknesses range - 1-10mm

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