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Universal Custom Jets

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Markon Universal Custom Jets are a mid sized jet that can be located around the entire bath. They are available in a variety of jet face and centre combinations. All components are designed to be inter-changeable and can be customised for the required function or colour combination.

Jet Face

Features & Benefits

  • Supplied as individual components to facilitate customisation.
  • Fits all Universal bodies.
  • Available in either an eyeball or rotary centre.
  • Range of jet faces.
  • Full adjustment of water and airflows as well as adjustment of direction on the eyeball and star eyeball versions.
  • Jets are easy to remove for servicing without special tools, but still child proof.
Size / Dimensions

Face diameter - All jet faces 68mm (except Maxi 80mm)
Nozzle bore - 7mm
Protrusion into bath - 9mm (5 & 6 scallop face)
12mm (Midi & Maxi)

Jet Body

Features & Benefits

  • Bodies with 10mm NB airline fitted with non-return valve in airway.
  • Locator ring on flange for easy location during assembly.
  • Choice of jet bodies to suit plumbing requirements.
  • Available in ABS or PVC.
  • Available in imperial or metric.
Size / Dimensions

Mounting hole size -   48mm
Protrusion from back of wall : extended airline version -
: standard airline version -

Star Eyeball centre
Star Eyeball centre.
Maxi Jet face with Star Eyeball
Maxi Jet face with Star Eyeball.
Universal Custom Jet with Maxi Jet face and adjustable Star Eyeball centre
Universal Custom Jet with Maxi Jet face and adjustable Star Eyeball centre.

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